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Annual review 2014


As I write this report the 2014 racing season has drawn to a close with the completion of the Garmin Hamble Winter Series. Well done Jolly Jack Tar who just held off Jynnan Tonnyx and Designstar (11, 12 and 13 points respectively) Sadly only five boats competed on the final Sunday with much of the series seeing only four boats on the water. This was the continuation of a trend that we have seen all year with much fewer boats competing. Contrast this with 2007 when 24 J/109’s entered  the Winter Series, before my time but it must have been exhilarating racing.

Our challenge for 2015 is clear, we need to get more ships out competing in our key one design events, but how? Where has everybody gone? What is stopping people racing?

Having said all that things are not all doom and gloom, Key Yachting have sold 14 or 15 second hand J/109’s during the year and now only have two on their books, down from nine this time last year. (But where are they? They are not out racing, yet) We also saw the usual 30 odd boats out for the Round the Island Race and J/109’s continue to do well in the RORC and JOG offshore fleets. A special mention here to Just So (David McGough)who totally cleaned up the class four JOG trophies this year and to J-T’aime (Chris Palmer) and Jazzy Jellyfish (Kevin Armstrong) who came in fourth and fifth overall in RORC class three. While on the subject of IRC I have to mention that Jagerbomb (Paul & Mark Griffiths) won the inaugural IRC Double Handed Nationals. The conclusion is the same as I came to in 2013 – J/109’s provide the best One Design racing in the UK and are really competitive under IRC as well!

Congratulations to all the 2014 one design event winners.  As in the last few years this is quite a varied list but there were three “stand out” boats in 2014: Jahmali, Tigh Soluis II and Jubilee. Jahmali’s win in the Nationals was just perfect. Mike and Sarah have been such stalwart supporters of the J/109 class over the years, to win the Nationals was just reward, and to think that the day before the start their mast was in two bits! Tigh Soluis II and Jubilee fought it out all summer for the Season Championship Trophy with Tigh Soluis just hanging on beating Jubilee by 52.44 points to 50.28 (with Jagerbomb a distant third on 29.65).


Winning boat

Winning owner(s)


Warsash Spring Series


Paul Griffiths


Warsash Spring Championships


Tony Dickin


Vice Admirals Cup

Not competed for due to gales



Round the Island Race


David McLeman


National Championships


Mike & Sarah Wallis


Cowes Week


Tor McLaren


Dartmouth Royal Regatta

Tigh Soluis II

Iain MacKinnon & Richard Hinde-Smith


Royal Southern Summer Series

Tigh Soluis II

Iain MacKinnon & Richard Hinde-Smith


West Solent Championships


Paul Griffiths


Autumn Championships


Tony Dickin


Winter Series

Jolly Jack Tar

Adrian Wheal


Season Championship

Tigh Soluis II

Iain MacKinnon & Richard Hinde-Smith



TheFacebook page continues to go from strength to strength with 534 members up from 386 this time last year and lots of interesting content.

Jonny Allatt is doing a great job keeping the accounts in order and we now have £5,227 in the account up from £4,834 this time last year, despite subsidising the annual dinner and despite a marked drop in members to 45 (62 last year) Subscriptions are due on 1 March 2015 and will remain at £20.

The J/109 Association committee has seen the recent resignation of David McLeman who has sold Offbeat. Our thanks to David for his IT skills and other input over the years he has been on the committee. In reality we are not losing him since his IT skills are still needed!! The committee welcomes Jean Lockett (Jynnan Tonnyx) to the team. Thanks Jean for volunteering!

During the AGM it was suggested that we follow some other one design classes and limit the number of new sails to be purchased in any one year. The view seems to be that while this has some merit we do not think it will make any real difference and the administration of the rule could be pretty horrific.

Looking forward to 2015:

The annual dinner and prize giving will be held at the Royal Southern Yacht Club on Saturday 25 April. This will be an event not to be missed with a really interesting speaker and either a heavily discounted meal or free wine or possibly all three!!

The full racing calendar is on the website, where the Season Championship events are highlighted. We have tried to get a major event in every month: April, Spring Championships, May, Vice Admirals Cup, June, J Cup, July, Taittinger Royal Solent YC Regatta, August Cowes Week and Dartmouth, October Autumn Championships.  We also have the Royal Southern summer series regattas.

I look forward to seeing you all out for the Spring Series that starts on 15 March. If that is too soon then the Spring Championship starts on Saturday 18 April. A bumper entry would be great.

Paul Griffiths, Chairman J/109 UK & Ireland Class Association – 30 November 2014


Annual General Meeting

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J/109 UK and Ireland Class Association

Annual General Meeting – notes of meeting

Thursday 24 July 2014 at 1800 hours

Royal Southern Yacht Club


Present – Eight owners and three apologies for absence.


1)      Minutes of last year’s meeting                        Notes as previously circulated

     2)      Matters arising                                                None

     3)      Committee membership                                 

Jean Lockett from Jynnan Tonnyx has joined the committee to replace Richard Griffith who was thanked in his absence for all his help and input over the years.

     4)      Finance report                                                 Approx £5k in the bank.

5)      Rules changes for discussion only at this stage:                                

 We had a discussion about limiting the number of new sails that could be purchased each year. The USA J/109 rules do limit the number of new sails that can be purchased each year. They only have two class jibs and two class spinnakers plus a main of course. Their rule states that you can change the lot in the first year of ownership and thereafter only the main, one jib and one spinnaker per annum unless a sail is trashed when it can be replaced.  

 Do we want to introduce something similar? Would it reduce the cost of ownership? Would it make racing even closer? Would it actually make much of a difference at all? All views welcomed.

     6)      Program

        Season Championship – updated results will be on the web site soon
  • Venue for 2015 Nationals – the venue for the 2015 J Cup has not yet been decided. Members stated a desire to hold the Nationals in June and generally to spread the events so that a key event took place roughly every month. Any decision deferred until we know more about the 2015 J Cup.
  • Next events – publicity notices for West Solent Championships 6/7 September were circulated.  

    7)      Class Association annual dinner and prize giving – provisionally Royal Southern Saturday 25 April 2015

     8)      Any other business – social evenings during key events to be arranged.


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See the positions after the first event in "Race Results"


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